Thursday, October 17, 2013

This is Why I've Held Off Pre-Ordering inFamous: Second Son

I've been thinking about it here lately, and I said to myself, "Self, why don't you have inFamous:  Second Son pre-ordered?  It is literally the game you're buying a PS4 for, and it would probably be cool if on that."  My answer had more or less, to this point, been "Oh, I keep forgetting."  Much like I kept forgetting to pre-order the Ys: Memories of Celceta Limited Edition and the 'Grand Wizard' Edition of South Park: The Stick of Truth, both of which have been rectified.  Who knew that, in that same vein, all I was doing was biding my time for a Collector's Edition?  I, uh, didn't, even though I damn well should've considering the amount of worrying I did over getting an inFamous 2: Hero Edition after I stupidly forgot to pre-order one.  Now that this has been announced, however, I know what I'm doing Tuesday when I buy Hometown Story.  Aside from also buying Pokemon X.  And...possibly Valhalla Knights 3 because XSEED.

With all the Collector's Editions that I buy, I try to rationalize just why I am actually buying them and some are far easier than others.  inFamous 2's Hero Edition was rationalized because of the badass statue (which is, of course, badass) and the utilitarian purpose of the Messenger Bag that came with it.  (I have never used it because I worry it'll break or something.)  I rationalized REVENGEANCE's Collector's edition because swordlamp is the light (no pun intended) and it ended up working well because, even though I haven't even plugged in the lamp, it still looks badass and REVENGEANCE was fucking amazing, please go buy it.  Or wait for the PC version and buy it there.  Muramasa's was delightful if just for the little pouch that I'm not using currently, but I definitely -could- be and will at some point, not to mention that Muramasa itself was pretty good.  And so on and so on and so forth.

This one?  I'm essentially paying extra $20 (retail $79.99 for the Collector's Edition) for a Beanie that I'm never going to wear, decals that I'm never going to place, pins that I'm simply going to display and a patch that I will similarly simply display.

All of that will, of course, come with inFamous:  Second Son.

So basically what I'm saying is worth it.

February is a brutal wait, but goddamn if I don't have a ton of fucking games in the meanwhile

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