Thursday, October 24, 2013

In Which I Flip-Flop and Grumble

I was excited for Terraria Vita.  I really was.  I was starved for even the mere theory of a building game on my Vita and Terraria filled that niche up quite well.  It wasn't Minecraft, but I never thought Minecraft would hit the Vita.  Even though I was wrong about that too, it doesn't actually detract from the awesome idea that Terraria is going to be on the Vita as well and is going to be out first and will be awesome and such.  At least, it wouldn't, except there have been some things that have happened (or rather, -not- happened) between now and the point in time where it was announced as a Summer release.

Namely, the game not releasing and there being no official word from the developers about that little fact.

This is further compounded by a few other things that have happened between Terraria Vita's announcement and now, up to and including the following:
  • The announcement of Mobile Versions for the various phones/tablets out there
  • The release of at least two of those Mobile Versions
  • The announcement and release of a 1.2 Patch for the PC version that may or may not release on non-PC versions of the game
  • Talks (but no development) about a theoretical Terraria 2, including platform plans
  • Absolutely no official word whatsoever on the Vita version.
I'm pretty sure that I have a right to be wary here.

It's still coming, we can generally be assured of that, and if you pay attention to the unofficial word floating around on the Terraria forums, it might be soon.  It might also be Cross-Play with the PS3 version.  I think that last part is almost a definite, but there is always a grey area when it comes to forum posts, even if it's from the representative of whoever is porting the game.  Because that is why you make official statements.  Regardless, if you believe what you read on the forums, the 1.2 content, or at least a portion of it, will be released on consoles as DLC that will -probably- be free.  And some inference about a few things in the notes suggest that patch will introduce Cross-Play with the Vita version, whereas all that stuff will be baked into the Vita version right off the bat.  So that the two versions will be on par with one another and thus compatible, you see.

Still, they managed to do something which is very, very rare.  I don't generally pull back on a game I allow myself to be legitimately excited for because I tend to choose my battles in the excitement game so that I don't get excited for things that are likely to fall through or otherwise disappoint.  I have to pull back on Terraria Vita, however, because I simply don't know anymore.  What was originally a day-one sight-unseen purchase has taken a freefall all the way down to "Wait for reviews to say it's okay before I debate whether or not I have the time and desire to put into it".  That is a mighty drop, my friends, and it's just incredibly unfortunate that it ended up coming to this.

still, the allure of building all sorts of structures is very strong - I'm probably going to bite if it's reviewed okay

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