Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bonus Post - Konami has a REVENGEANCE Fan Survey Up, Hints at Sequel

This is just a quick PSA for the folks like me who liked Metal Gear Rising:  REVENGEANCE and would like to see more of it happen.  Konami has a fan survey on their Official Metal Gear Solid page (linked both in case the former is not a direct link, as I've already taken the survey so it's telling me I can't take it again).  The survey prompt -might- shift around a bit, but currently it seems front and center, so it's something that they clearly want to draw attention to, though I'm not quite sure if they've actually done that.  So I'm helping because REVENGEANCE is a damn good game and deserves the attention.

It's a rather lengthy survey, unfortunately, but it does have a few questions towards the end that are along the lines of "Would you like a sequel?" and "If there were to be a sequel, what would you like to see in it?" and things of that nature.  Could be nothing.  Could be an indication that there's a real, quantifiable interest there to make another game in the Rising series which would be incredible and is definitely something I am behind.  Something I am all for supporting.  Something that I want like I want air in my lungs.  Which is a lot, clearly.

I bring it up because, as said, I'm not sure it's being properly advertised anywhere.  I only knew about it because I saw a NeoGaf thread that mentioned it and I dropped literally everything I was doing to sit down and take the survey right on the spot.  So, you know, if you're reading this and you haven't taken the survey, but have played REVENGEANCE, well, give a little bit of your time if you would.  Anything and everything that could lead to a sequel is worth attempting, so let's hope for something good!

please, Konami, make a sequel, I will love you forever

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