Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bonus Post: Animal Crossing, What Are You Doing to Me?

The screenshot above is one that worries me greatly and with good reason.  You see, I have reached a point in Animal Crossing:  New Leaf where I am almost -free- of some of the most annoying shackles of the game for completionists.  In the world of Animal Crossing exists sets of Silver and Gold tools which, of course, you can only get by performing certain tasks.  Specifically in question here are the Golden Watering Can and the Golden Axe.  The Golden Watering Can requires you to achieve and maintain a "Perfect Town" for 15 days which is honestly more tedious than it is difficult.  The Golden Axe is something you get after you buy 50 Saplings from the plant store, of which they...only sell one a day.  Great.  You might be wondering just how these two things are linked.  It's very simple, really.

The Golden Watering Can really doesn't -matter- in a sense, in that it's more of a symbol, or a trophy if you will.  After you get the Golden Watering Can, there's really no point in keeping your town 'Perfect' anymore if you don't wish to.  Now one of the factors that determines whether your town is perfect or not?  The amount of trees you have.  You start out with so many trees, and you'll inevitably add to them with fruit trees, though perhaps you're not placing them in places that are....good, or where you want them.  So obviously then, you just want to cut them down, but if you do that, then your status drops.  So you tell yourself "I'll just wait until I have a perfect town, then it won't matter what I do" and it won't matter.  It won't matter even the slightest bit.  After you get the Golden Watering Can, it's that much easier to feel that your town is indeed your town to do with what you wish.

So you go buy an axe.  You ready yourself for the tree slaughter.  Perhaps you take down quite a few...and then your axe breaks.  There's only one axe for sale a day, and it's random -when- that day is.  You've started something that you simply cannot finish now, and it's going to drive you crazy.  This, my friends, is why you wait for the Golden Axe, because the Golden Axe does not break.  It cannot.  You can clear-cut your entire damn village if you want and it won't break.  And after that long, is it ever tempting to do just that.  But why would you cut down the trees?  Why would you get rid of a very good source of income?  Why?  Simply put:  Trees are fucking annoying and constantly in the way.

You run around and have to weave and dodge in between trees just to get about and it becomes -tedious-, so you decide to have a set path to go to make it easiest.  Except there are too many trees in the way regardless, so you can't just make a path.  This is why you want to cut them down.  You want to clear them out so you can make a road so you can get around easier.  -Then- you put trees back up somewhere where they're not annoying.  It is -your- town, so -you- make it look like -you- want it to.  The roads above are a testament that I am almost to this point.  I have placed down some roads, indeed some (like myself) would say far too many, but they're not enough.  There are far too many trees still, and I don't have my golden axe yet.  I cannot clear them.  But soon.


okay I am kind of creeping myself out

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