Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sick Post Because I Am Sick

So, it has been a shit week.  One of the worst in recent memory and recent memory isn't actually too recent which is saying quite a bit.  Fun times are not being had, is my point.

Technically, I'm -not- sick at the moment, but I'm going ahead and saying so because I had a migraine for four hours, and for the last hour of it moving sent a shock of nausea and exploding pain throughout my whole body.  I'm not really over that yet, but I wanted to post something tonight, even if it was just a quick "Hey, this is what's up" thing.  Because that is what I do.

In the meantime while I recover, perhaps you should look into purchasing Guacamelee! because it is pretty good.  I'm not having the amazing "this is awesome, how awesome?  SO awesome" experience with it that a lot of other people seem to be, which might be partly because of my week, but it is a mechanically sound game with a good art style and nice sense of humor.  Being Cross-Buy, Cross-Save, using the Vita Controller functionality, having a full retail trophy list and being on a little sale for PS Plus folks (part of an indie promotion that you all better friggin' support) makes it all the sweeter.

So yeah.  Bear with me, folks.

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