Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jak and Daxter Probably Coming to Vita

Woah woah, don't get all excited now.  It's probably just the HD Collection, which was outed through an ESRB rating, though I shouldn't say 'just' the HD Collection.  By all means, if this is true (which, it probably is, really) then that's pretty impressive and will actually give us a look into the sort of PS2 HD games on Vita thing that we haven't really -seen- despite wanting it pretty hard.  There was Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, yes, but has there been many other examples, really?  The Ico/Shadow of the Colossus remote play kind of counts, but not natively (Which is something that needs to be rectified soon-like) and...well, that's really about it.  Unfortunately.

While it does feed the "Hurr durr ports are dumb" crowd, it -does- mean that there's more things to play on your Vita which, at the end of the day, is pretty much all anyone cares about.  Or should care about, at least.  While it's not a brand new game or even a 'new' game by any means, it's still -something- and could hopefully help usher in a few other things as well.  People clamoring for good portable Sly games might be able to dream a dream for the Sly Collection, we can all hold out a little hope for the Ratchet and Clank one, and so on and so forth.  God help me if Yakuza 1&2 HD Collection becomes a thing that happens in the West on Vita because it could be download-only (and not largehuge on Vita) and save Sega some costs.  Because I wouldn't put my Vita down for months if so.

It's more for those reasons that I brought it up, as I don't have a real personal connection to the Jak and Daxter series of games.  Indeed, I haven't even played them, nor grabbed the HD collection because I...really don't need to add three new games to my backlog that is already overfull and counts at least two JRPGs among them, meaning I won't want for games for the rest of the year, most likely.  I'll -buy- new games, of course, because I am a terrible person with money and such, but I won't -need- them.  Except for Last of Us.  ...and Tearaway.  That's not the point, though.  The point is that it's worth a mention because of what it could signify, as I already stated.

Another thing that could be telling is just how this is priced and handled.  The Collection on PS3 is officially $20 now, (it is, check it out on the online store or the PS3 store) and this seems like a bit of work to just release it for $20 as well, though there doesn't seem to be any 'added value' to bring the price back up to $30 just for the Vita version either.  The up-cost would cover the things needed to be changed about to fit the Vita's control scheme, of course, but that doesn't translate well to consumers.  "Why is this $20 and this $30?"  "Because this one is portable."  "Oh." is not a conversation that will end with said person buying the Vita version, is my point.  Aside from that, will all three games even fit on a Vita cart?  Are we going to see a multi-cart release this early?  Or will this possibly be a digital-only affair to keep the price at $20 for it?

These are all questions to consider with this being a thing that is likely to happen.  Something else to wonder about is whether or not folks who already own the Collection on PS3 will see some sort of benefit in doing so.  Things like whether or not it ends up being Cross-buy (which would be a bit ridiculous, but I wouldn't mind), if it'll support Cross-Saves (which should be expected) and the like.  If it ends up Cross-Buy, do you only get the Vita version if you bought the Collection digitally?  I don't see how it could be done otherwise, to be honest, but that's very likely a -very- small market of people initially.  It might spur some more digital sales, but it'd probably be a grumbling-point for folks.

I might be getting ahead of myself here though.  After all, the only thing we know is that the ESRB Listing specifically states PS Vita as a platform, which leaves little wiggle-room for understanding.  It is likely that the Collection -is- hitting the portable device since it doesn't really lend itself to misinterpretation, being a new listing and all.  The how, the why, the when and other logistics are the only things up in the air and, as I said, they're worth paying attention to, since they could set the flow for other such collections that may or may not come out in the following.  Depending on how it's handled, I might just pick it up despite the inherent lack of need to do so, because I can't say that I'm -not- curious about the games.  And hell, I love playing things on my Vita, so it all works out.

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