Saturday, March 2, 2013

Grumble Grumble Raaaaaaage

So, ever since my Twitter gadget broke and I had absolutely no recourse but to remove it, which annoys me to no end still, I've been a little annoyed with things on Blogger.  Yes, I realize the Twitter gadget I was using was third-party, so Google technically has no need to assist in fixing it or even assure that it works.  Yes, I realize it is a very small thing and yes, I realize that I can probably find one that works beyond the list of gadgets that blogger 'supports' in the "More Gadgets" tab when you're looking to add a new gadget in the whole layout thing.  The thing is, it's fucking Twitter.  It shouldn't be a goddamn issue to imbed Twitter in my goddamn blog because social networking is fucking everywhere and especially Twitter is everywhere.  Everyone uses Twitter.  Hell Chance is even on Twitter!  That they can't have a third-party relationship that is enough for an 'official' gadget is just baffling.

But, you know, whatever.  That's a thing, it's not acceptable, but it is since there is technically some measure of it being out of respective hands.  I don't like it, but I understand.

What isn't acceptable, however, is when one of the official Blogger gadgets isn't working.  And especially not when all it is is a fucking custom search bar gadget when Blogger is owned by fucking Google.  This is an entire level of absurdity that I would never imagine in my wildest suggestions or ideas because this is elementary shit right here.

Go ahead.  Give it a shot.  The little gadget on the side that says "Big Enough to Need This Now" because my blog has over 700 posts now and damned if I'm going to search through them all when I need to find something I've referenced in the past is the one that I'm talking of.  You type in anything, "review", "Playstation", "Yakuza" anything that you know I've talked about before or anything and hit enter and it always comes back "No results found." for what is, and I'm being truthful here, no damn reason.  It has effectively become as useless as the Twitter gadget before it 'officially' broke in that -now- you can't even add it back as an element anymore, but before that, it was just a fancy "Follow me" button.  Which, coincidentally, they don't even offer that in the third party gadgets.  (Well, there is one Twitter gadget that has a few spanish.  I think.)

Thank God there's three individual Google+ gadgets, though.  Don't know what we would do without those.

My only real line of thinking here is that perhaps it's not working because I have not update the layout in a while and I do believe that Blogger was pushing new templates -hard- a while ago, if only because I think I remember Chance talking about changing his up.  But I don't quite remember if he changed to something even newer than -mine- since his was...obviously before mine, or if he's using one of the same templates I had to pick from.  I would assume the former, given that his search bar works just fine, whereas mine....doesn't, but I really doubt that would be why.  All I really know, obviously, is that it's not fucking working and that's really bothersome.  So bothersome that it was really the only thing I could think about tonight.

So...there's that.  Raaaaaaage and all that.

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