Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yaiba is Keiji Inafune's Latest Game Announcement



I would just leave the text of this post as that, because it is just as appropriate as anything else I could hope to follow it up with, but that is not, as you know, the way I roll.  'Yaiba', which I'm not sure if it's the working title or what the game will actually be called when it releases, is a game that doesn't have a whole lot of information out about it beyond what's in that teaser above.  Which, and this is a stance I've taken before unashamedly and I'll take it again here, that's really all I need right now.  And there's a very, very obvious reason for that and it has to do with the whole way this was announced and just how busy of a bee Keiji has been lately.  With his involvement in Soul Sacrifice and no less than three other games already announced, I'm very, very curious to see if this will be anywhere near ready to release by the middle of 2013 at the very earliest.  I'm doubting that it will, and that is just fine by me because I am still so loaded with games to play that I can't even think about next year.  Because I will still probably be playing games from -last year- -next year-.

Regardless, what we can tell from the teaser for Yaiba is that it's going to be a zombie game, which some people shrug their shoulders to, or even worse, scoff at, but it's apparently a liked genre because it keeps getting sales.  However, Yaiba is not going to be your typical zombie game by any stretch of the imagination, so slow your roll on that right quick.  As one of the guys behind the whole idea of Dead Rising which, to be honest, is kind of a game all its own, even a game type all on its own, Inafune knows his zombie games and promises to make this one stand out just as much.  Now, how does one do that, you might ask?  I ask, certainly, or rather I did ask and got....pretty much the best answer ever.  Apparently Yaiba is going to include, on top of the zombies, Ninjas and Mechs which is just one of the best combinations I've heard of and literally made me bring my arms before me as I wiggled them with what I can only describe as 'glee' while a very un-manly "Eeeeeeeee~!" was sounded.  It was quite a scene, I assure you, and it very nearly repeated itself as I took a look at the teaser.

Specifically, what tickled my fancies about the teaser itself was the rather lovely art style that we could see throughout, sprinkled between the instances of the games tag-line which is almost as beautiful as the term REVENGEANCE.  "The Dead Will Die Again"  It's simple in the best, most wonderful way, and is quite appropriate for a game that, and this is conjecture here, will feature you playing a Ninja who jumps into a Mech to stomp on zombies.  Because come on when you hear those three things are all involved, that is -exactly- where your mind goes and don't tell me that it doesn't.  Unfortunately the Art Style doesn't really belie a whole lot beyond that it's pretty - as stylized as it is, I could honestly expect it on just about anything that isn't the 3DS.  Of course, I'm not going to go on and on about the consoles it could release on because I'm sure we all know what I want it on, and with Inafune's work on Soul Sacrifice, well, it could definitely be a possibility.  A possibility that threatens to make me drool, even.

Still, as I said, as this is the fourth game Inafune's announced that he's also attached to in some fashion, I assume he and his company Comcept will likely be very very busy.  Soul Sacrifice will likely be the first game beyond J.J. Rockets (since that's already out in Japan, apparently) that will be released and last I heard, it's a very vague end of the year/early next year sort of window.  So after that's done, this game and the other announced Inafune game, KAIO - King of Pirates, will likely get their own work done and release windows announced for them sometime thereafter.  Really, I don't think there's any other way you'd want to start things off with a new company than by throwing down four new IPs that have a strong chance of 'making it', or being the next series that people look forward to.  And I have no delusions that the dude is anywhere near done making his own shots at things and I'm actually looking forward to what could be next.  I guess we'll see what the approach has done for things when Soul Sacrifice comes out, since I know I plan on grabbing that up.

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