Saturday, September 8, 2012

Treasure Park is Like Minesweeper, Only Bad

So....I'm not really going to mince words here.  I normally don't, but I will do so less-so tonight because this is a thing that I just absolutely don't get.  Treasure Park is a thing that came out months late, being announced way back in April to compliment Welcome Park and Paint Park which released on time.  I'm not really sure why it's this late.  Actually, I'm completely sure why, but I'm just trying to convey the point that there is literally nothing to Treasure Park that warrants a month delay.  To say it is bare-bones is being quite generous since there's really nothing of substance here unless you are a very, very lucky person.  Which is tied into the reason why it was delayed.  The reason why it was delayed and the reason why it's.....a thing that I don't care about really are the same reason:  it relies 100% okay, like 95% on Near.

Near, as you may remember, was one of the things updated in the last patch and whether or not it's healed some of the more widespread problems with the app, I'm not sure.  Near simply does not work for me unless I get about forty minutes into civilization because there's simply no SkyHook hotspots out here and I'm not about to create one because I really don't care -that much-.  To its credit, when I am in locations where SkyHook has points, I'm pretty sure it works because it has logged locations and I have gotten distance traveled and game good offers and such through it.  But clearly, it's not a thing I get to use that often which is counter to the point of Near, being something that is encouraged to be used daily as you are out and about.  Because while I am out and about fairly regularly, I am not out and about in the correct places for the app's liking.

Basically, if I was reading the tutorial correctly, with Treasure Park you set up a card, as I have done above, and whenever you use Near, provided Treasure Park is set-up with it correctly and such, you could send your board out to whomever picks you up on it.  And similarly done is how you receive other cards out there.  When you get cards, you can try to solve them which is where the Minesweeper comparison kicks in.  If you'll take another look at the card above, you'll see four different types of icons:  A bomb, a bear trap, coin stack and a diamond.  The former two are things to avoid if possible where the latter two are what you're shooting for with the ultimate goal of getting the Diamond which will end in victory for you.  Hitting coins, I believe, just adds to your score where I imagine bear traps detract and bombs end it outright.  I think, again there was only three cards that I got and the first one, the first box I picked had a diamond.  I didn't have the foresight to screencap those screens because I am a dumb.

There's a rank system involved as you can see from my rank card but as to what it controls, I haven't even anything approaching a clue.  It's probably just a meta-game in the vein of the other things out there since I can't figure out what you could 'get' unless it's other card layouts.  As in, cards that have the colored blocks in different places since that is a static image.  (Perhaps you can rotate the overall thing of it, but I'm not certain.)  I gained medals (which are the coin stacks, I guess) from getting medal stacks as well as diamonds and it's got me there which is about 1,000 medals away from ranking up which means I need, likely, something around 6 more cards worth of success to do that which is....a bit out there.  Likely a task that I will not accomplish for some time which isn't something that fusses me too much as I will probably forget about the app completely until some undetermined time in the future when I see that I have a card to play from a Near trip.

To be honest, I wanted to talk about this purely because I want to put it out there that this is a thing that I don't understand.  The timing of putting this out there is solely because I have something else I do want to talk about, but I'm not quite sure where I want to go with it just yet.  So I'll likely have to clock a bit more time in the game in question to be sure which side of the coin I'm going to fall with it.  Since Treasure Park was pretty much the only thing in reserve and there's nothing news-worthy that I'm going to give any attention to, or that I can formulate enough thoughts about out there, this won by default.  I'm not quite sure if Wake-Up Club will get similar treatment after it comes out (with any luck, this Tuesday) since I similarly have no idea about it, but we'll see.

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