Saturday, November 17, 2012

So, I've Been Slipping Lately

To make up for it, enjoy this video of someone in a Deadpool outfit having some fun with Gangnam Style.  And then briefly consider that it's entirely well within his character and ponder just how awesome that is.

In all seriousness, things have just not really gotten a whole lot better and I imagine that they will not for a while.  This is the part where I just say "Hey, bear with me" because, well, I'm trying.  It's not easy on the easiest of nights to really come out and write up something that I hope is informative, entertaining or a combination of both, and if I didn't -really- enjoy it, I probably would've stopped.  Well, no, I definitely would've stopped by now.  But I really do love having this outlet to actually sit down and clear out thoughts in my head or even make some things a little clearer in some cases, simply by typing it out and really trying to form cohesive thoughts about it.  It helps a lot, and while I hope there are people that read this blog and actually enjoy it, right now I need the outlet more than I need anything else.

Of course, there's just going to be nights where I just can't do anything with that outlet which is very, very frustrating for me, but it's not something I can change.  I can't force it, and I doubt anyone would want to read the results of if I were to attempt that feat.  It wouldn't bother me so much if the Twitter gadget on the sidebar would actually work, but with Twitter's recent updates, it seems it went and borked gadgets all around, so maybe it'll fix itself eventually, or maybe it won't.  At least I know it's not just -my- gadget, as I have looked around to see others similarly affected, but it's annoying nonetheless since I wholeheartedly doubt there are people who know my twitter exists outside of seeing it on the sidebar.  But that's another thing I just can't change.  I can just say that if I feel like I'm not up to writing, I'll probably point it out on Twitter.  It's still here and feel free to check it out if you'd like, but by no means am I trying to make it a thing you have to keep up with.

So yeah.  While I'll try to keep things fairly steady here for myself if nothing else, I can make no guarantees because, well, things just sort of happen and it's by and large not been positive lately.  I'm sure I don't have to explain how that might just not be very good for a lot of things, including writing.  I just know that low points have to even out eventually and then I can build back up and get back to fairly normal.  Between now and then, there might be some fits and starts and such, but I'll try to keep them at a minimum and I don't plan on making this the place where I go boo-hoo about things since you're not interested in hearing it and I'm not interested in sharing it.  I (mostly) just want to talk about video games here, so that's what I'll continue doing.  Though, I have been interested in watching a few movies again lately that I want to do up a Popcorn On for.  And I've wanted to do something about Burn Notice for a while...But, that's all future stuff.  For now, that's about it.  If you haven't read the Final Fantasy XIII Review, it'd be cool if you did that, since it was an effort, but no worries.  Hell, just watch the Deadpool video again if nothing else.  Because, again, it's pretty damn cool.

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