Saturday, February 11, 2012

Radiant Historia Gets the Atlus Reprint Treatment

It might be just me, but I've forever cemented the words "Atlus" and "reprint" into a portion of my mind that triggers awareness whenever I see them in close proximity to one another.  I'm not sure why of course, but I'm guessing it's for good reason, so it's not been a bother.  And while I was interested in Radiant Historia before, thanks to a little positive word of mouth, the recent question Atlus asked directly, "Assuming a reprint could happen, people would buy it, right?" to which a no-doubt large amount of people said "YES" to, myself included.  Because my interest in the game has been heightened for some time, though I guess not to the point where I actually remember to look for it.  Anywhere.  Possibly because I am, as they say, "a dumb".  (I say that, not 'they'.)

Well, just yesterday it was announced that Radiant Historia will be getting that reprint, though I'm doubtful that it surprises anyone.  It might annoy some people who have been holding on to their copy, planning to sell it for big bucks, but I think we can all agree that this is a good thing.  For one, it's an apparently great RPG which have sort of become rare lately, or so we're told, and second this is one of those rare DS games that I really, really, really want to have despite it not being on my handheld of choice.  I'm told it also deals with time travel which another great RPG is famous for, leaving me even more reason to be intrigued.  Beyond all that, however, I really don't know a lot about the game and most of that is intentional honestly.  This is apparently one of those gems that doesn't come around a lot and with this second chance for me to realistically find it, I'm more than willing to jump on that blindly, if just to satisfy the curiosity I've personally had with it and not even to see if it's worth the hype that's been put out for it.

The only issue here is that it's slated to come out in late March alongside everything else that's been crammed into these first few months of the new year as we (myself and fellow gamers everywhere) have been complaining about for a bit here.  In March alone, I am already overdrawn on my time and money between Binary Domain, Yakuza:  Dead Souls, Gravity Rush (if it hits in March rather than April which I'm not sure on) and no doubt other things that I'm forgetting.  Coming off several months where I didn't buy a single game because I have too many games already, this is pure and complete torture on scales that I can't even comprehend yet.  I'm not sure how I'm going to manage it, but I guess I'll have to grab up all these things somehow since I imagine in doing so, time will magically find me that I can then spend on these games.  Despite Lollipop Chainsaw and Metal Gear Rising:  Revengeance likely being on the horizon.  (The former more than the latter)  Last year, the year filled with all sorts of games I played and loved and wanted to play and this and that, it's already looking sparse by this year's offerings and that isn't right.

Hopefully there'll be some sort of downtime this year rather than the constant stream of content that it seems like it is currently so I can actually clear through some of these games.  However, on the subject of time, there is something I did want to say about this post.  In keeping with the theme of time travel that Radiant Historia carries, I have decided this is as good a time as any to give a shot to this whole scheduling thing as I will likely be unable to reach a computer tonight.  As in, if you're reading this on the night of Saturday, February 11th, I didn't just write it because I wrote it now at just before 4 AM.  For some reason, I just think this is really cool, but I don't really want to fall back on it.  This is merely a test, if you will, so if I come back Sunday night to find that it didn't work, then I'll just be disappointed and not bother with it again.  However, if it goes up as planned, I'll be happy to have yet another reliable tool just in case something goes awry or I know something is going to go awry.  Regardless, time travel wooooooo!

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