Thursday, January 24, 2013

Do I Like Far Cry 3?

"Alright, two Tapir hides.  No problem."  After checking my map for a good Tapir Hunting Ground, I hopped into a nearby vehicle, a rather beat up Jeep and drove most of the way there.  When the area was within sight, I hopped out of the car and considered my options for a moment.  "Hmm...Tapir's are little things, can't run too fast.  I'll be able to use my machete easy enough."  I kept my pilfered shotgun at the ready, but the six shells I had left didn't instill much confidence in me, should I find a use for them.  Popping a Hunter's Instinct shot, I took a look around for even the barest hints of Tapirs around - I just needed two and the animals tend to show up in packs.  Surely that would be enough - if I could just chase down two of them, that would be enough.  That's all I needed right now - just two and I could make myself a bigger rucksack so I wasn't off-loading used needles and playing cards to the nearby vendors every ten minutes to make room for more, for animal skins, for valuable herbs.

Crouching low, I could see the outlines of two Tapirs on the horizon and I grinned with the small victory, yet it was short-lived.  The raucous yellings nearby alerted me to patrolling guards - it was only later that I would learn their vehicle had broken down and they were simply cursing their bad luck.  None of us had any idea of the truth to their moaning.  I would have to be careful, that much was for sure, but the machete was silent enough - surely some animals screeching wouldn't be different in the jungle, right?  Just a little closer...I hand my hand ready to let loose the first machete swing when a sound stopped me in my tracks, but not the Tapirs.  The tell-tale growl preceded an obvious flash of orange as a tiger chased after the Tapirs I had been stalking myself, running them across the road and out of my range, driving a bigger rucksack that much further out of my grip.

"Hey!  You bastard!"  To say that I had lost myself in the adrenaline that pumped, anticipating my kill, would have been a massive understatement.  I had been ready, I needed that now and nothing, not even a Tiger would stand in the way.  I forgot about the nearby pirates, I forgot survival's instinct and charged, chasing after the interloper, an iron grip on my blade with the cool metal of the shotgun in my other hand a far-gone memory already.  The tiger had taken one tapir down already - my kill - and was pouncing the second as I got to it.  The shouts of pirates sounded out, indicating that I'd been seen, but I didn't care; I was fully lost in the moment.  Once, twice, three times I sliced the Tiger as it finished off its prey and only after that third slice did it turn to me, selecting a new prey.  It pounced, I fought it off frantically and with one more slice after I recovered, I felled the feline.

"Oh, shit!"  Only then had the incredulity of the situation sunk in as my machete dripped with the blood of the slain beast before me.  My reverie was shattered as a bullet zipped past me from the Assault Rifle of a pirate, one of three, who was approaching my spot, littered with animal corpses as it was.  I sprang into action, rushing up a nearby hill and ducking, taking stock of just where the three were.  They had seen me, that much was clear, but they had to have been watching me too.  "Motherfuckers!," I called out over the hill.  "Didn't you just see me kill that tiger with a machete?!  Do you honestly want to fuck with me?!"  The impacts of the bullets as they hit my hill was all the answer I needed.  A grim smile crossed my lips as I hefted the weight of the firearm in my hands and nodded.

They did.  That was fine by me.  Perhaps I was simply emboldened by my conquest, or perhaps I just simply knew in my heart which of us would survive this day.  I stood all at once and rushed off the top of the hill, launching myself into the air as I did, surveying the three below me.  I fired once as the wind whipped through my hair and a Pirate fell.  I landed with a noticeable thud, catching myself in a crouching position to avoid hurting myself and, instead, I hurt another Pirate.  The shell tore through him and took him down and I stood, charging once more for the last man who seemed oblivious to what was to come.  A last shotgun blast at that close of a range had just the effect you might think it would and just like that, I was free.  No opposition any longer in this area for the moment.  Nothing to hunt, nothing to hunt me, just me.  So, that knowledge in my mind, I scavenged the spoils of my victory:  the money and items from the pirates, the two Tapir hides I had needed, and the skin of my surprising kill.  Only after finishing my new, larger rucksack did the sound of the tires screeching hit my ears.

Two more Pirates jumped out of a new vehicle, a truck that lacked a top or a windshield of any kind and I checked my ammo.  Three shots.  I liked those odds.  I charged the truck much as I had charged the last three foes in my path and sent the closest Pirate to me crumpling to the ground.  The other one, as close as he was, was lucky enough to just catch the blade of my machete, still slick with Tiger's blood, across his chest twice, sending him to the beyond.  This truck was mine now, and I had no reason to linger in this area much longer.  As I hopped in and turned around, I heard the shouts of even more Pirates, but I didn't care.  I saw them, however, as I began driving off to the East and I couldn't help but chuckle - they were on foot and they were right in my way.  That didn't work out well for them and it only mildly affected the smoothness of the ride as I soared through, getting a goodly distance away before I stopped the truck and, after a sigh, I pulled out my map once more.  "Alright, now what do I need...."

Yes.  Yes, I would say that I like Far Cry 3 very much.

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