Friday, July 26, 2013

Music! KARA Edition

It's been...quite a while since I've done up a proper Music! post even though I have been listening to quite a bit of new music recently, so with nothing else to really post about tonight, I figured now was as good a time as any.  As I am wont to do even when I'm -not- battle severe mood issues, I've been turning back to K-Pop (he says, pretending he ever left it in the first place for a slight bit of his masculinity) and among those K-Pop choices, KARA has come up more than once.  In fact, it's come up three times, which is rather convenient, as you know I generally go through three songs at a clip because I feel that's a good amount at one time.  That's just me, of course, and it's just kind of how I do things, but it's served me well so far, so I'm gonna stick with that.

The first song is not the first KARA song I've heard (that was actually "Wanna" which I'm linking here because it's not featured) and in fact, I don't know what number it is.  I just know that, of the three I'm going to show off tonight, it's my least favorite which isn't to say I dislike it, because I really do like it.  It's just, obviously, I like the other ones more.  That kind of happens sometimes.  What's surprising to me is that I don't listen to this song more often than I do, but that's generally just because I'm listening to the other songs of theirs I enjoy.  Still, this is light and fun and all of that good stuff, I just suppose it's perhaps not quite as much as the rest.  Still, first up is "Step" which may or may not actually be spelled "STEP", I don't know.  It's kind of one of those things.

It might be a surprise, but I don't actually pay a lot of attention to these videos, since I tend to just sort of pull them up on my Vita, plug in my headphones and listen while I do whatever (since they're not on Music Unlimited because why would they be on a service called Music Unlimited).  Which I am in no way bringing up because it's going to be relevant in the next video or anything like that.  I'm just stating that, having actually watched the video before I embedded it, it's a pretty perfect fit for the song.  Light and 'poppy' and such, while also keeping your attention through the actually passable dancing and wardrobe.  Of course, the real fun is the song which is...obviously the reason I brought it up.

The next is, I believe, the second KARA song I actually listened to, but I might be misremembering that and it really doesn't matter.  Like, even in the slightest, it doesn't matter.  What -does- matter is that I have this weird little thing with some K-Pop songs that I call the "Oh, damnit" moment.  The "Oh, damnit" moment is the exact moment where I mumble those words to myself and concede the fact that I am going to listen to this song for the rest of the night.  Very obviously, this next song has one of those moments and the exact moment is about twenty one seconds in when the synth or whatever that is starts kicking in.  Keep that in mind as you watch this video for "Pandora".

Remember that part where I said I don't really watch the videos?  Well, surprisingly enough with all of that set-up, it was a lie when it comes to this actual video.  I don't even know why beyond, well, the obvious, and it's really quite perplexing.  The song is, at least, something I enjoy a little more because it's just a little...heavier?  I suppose might be the word.  I don't want to say anything about 'depth' because I'll just make myself look silly, but there's some type of quality to the song that I just enjoy a little more than Step, and maybe I'm just not supposed to know what that is.  I will say that, again, aside from the obvious, I am a fan of the outfits and the hairstyles the girls sport in this one.  That's...probably the point, but I'm just saying that it worked this time.  Also babbling.  ....Mostly babbling.

The last song is basically the one of the three that I've listened to the most and, as with the other two, I cannot really provide reasons as to the why.  If I had to guess, I would say that it's got a goodly bit of variety in the sound itself, even if it is as repetitive as, well, most songs altogether.  The girls all show off a little bit of range, I feel, and are given an appropriate amount of time to sing their piece, as it were, so maybe that's what draws me more to this one since, even if it's present in the other songs, I notice it in this one.  Though, I should point out that I merely listen to this one, and would be remiss if I didn't point that out as well as a particularly ridiculous 'dance move' towards the end.  I won't tell you when, because you'll know and I am apologizing in advance for the silliness.  You will be happy to note that the single-word title theme has been maintained however with "Jumping", this last song.

...Well, I warned you.  Still, before that point, it's fairly acceptable and really, that's not bad so much as it's likely to make your eyes roll in a dismissive moment.  Surprisingly, I'm not so much a fan of the outfits here as I was in the other video, but, well, that's just a thing about it.  Still, as stated this is the song I've listened to the most out of the three for better or worse.  It's pretty much hard to think of different ways to present this type of feeling after two others of the same, but I'm sure you understand the sentiment at the very least.  Or maybe you're just listening to the song and don't care.  Or something along those lines.  Either way, I dig it, and that's pretty much what I was putting across here.  That goes the same for the other two songs before this one too.  Hopefully you dig it too.

really though, what was with that dance move I mean, you're not even being subtle

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